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The Latest Upgrade for Composer Catalog

I am proud to announce the latest update to Composer Catalog. This update is FREE and contains some added functionality that will definitely make your day a little easier. Let’s check out some of the new features for both Mac and Windows.


With the new track profile system, it will allow you to take some of the data entry pain that you feel when adding a track! Say you have “Publisher X” that you always write for. Now, you can auto-populate many of the fields that you would previously have to type in.

Add the publisher information, your writer information, and any other information on the track profile screen that you would normally enter in for his publisher (type of deal, etc..). If you are writing these songs/tracks by yourself, put your own data in as the writer and musician fields. You can also save this into a profile for later use. So when you do more material for “Publisher X”, just pull up their track profile.

Take a look at the video to see how it can make your day a little easier. Be sure to view it full screen


Instead of having the static exports that come with Composer Catalog, you can now choose the fields you want AND put them in any order you want. It will then export those fields to a CSV file.

If you tend to export the same fields in the same order, then why not just save that format in a template? This update will allow you to also do that. Now when “Publisher X” wants the metadata that you have in the system, you can supply it to them in no time. Just do a search on “Publisher X”, pull up their template and export!

Click on the video to view it. Be sure to view it full screen.


You now have a keywords field for your tracks. So you can enter any keywords that might be useful to help you or a publisher with searches.

Keywords addition
Publisher comments/requirements added


I do not know about you, but I always have to refer to emails to remember the exact formats that a publisher likes (was it Aif or Wav? Do they accept instrumentals? What is their preferred bit rate?)

Now, you can just put all of that info into the new fields, so you can pull it up whenever you need it.


The track status selections have been increased to give you added flexibility to find songs or tracks that are currently being pitches to libraries, artists, music supervisors, etc.

This can be very useful when you are doing searches to see what is currently being pitches.

Additional Track Statuses

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