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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation (5)

I need to move Composer Catalog to a new computer

The license for Composer Catalog can be used on one computer at a time. If you need to move the program to a different computer (or doing something like formatting your C:\ drive), you will need to:

2) Click on the Save License button and put the file in a safe location
3) Then click Uninstall License
4) Now you can reinstall Composer Catalog on a new machine or your current machine (if you did something like formatted your C:\ drive) and load your license by clicking the Load License button

Can I run Composer Catalog on multiple machines?

No. Composer Catalog can only be run on one machine.

Why is it asking me to install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0?

Composer Catalog uses a Microsoft SQL Compact database to store all the information. It is perfectly normal to see this.

Can I run multiple versions on my machine?

No. Composer Catalog is made for one user on one computer.

Program Questions (5)

How come my audio files will not play?

Composer Catalog will play any audio file that Windows Audio Player will play. If your track is not 16 bit, it will not play.

My audio tracks are in different directories on my computer.

Not a problem. Composer Catalog just sets a pointer to your audio files, so they can be anywhere on your desktop or laptop.

Do I upload my audio files somewhere?

No. What Composer Catalog does is link audio files that are on your laptop or desktop computer, to the tracks that you add. Nothing is done online.

How many tracks can this manage?

Composer Catalog was stress tested with 10,000 tracks on an Intel I7 CPU @ 2.00 GHZ with 9 gig of memory. That does not mean that it cannot handle more. I just stopped at 10,000 tracks, since this was developed for a single composer. The performance will be dependent on your computer.

Can a large publishing company use this?

Composer Catalog was primarily created for composers/songwriters. I stress tested the program with about 10,000 tracks and it worked great, so it all depends on the amount of tracks a publishing company has.

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