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Composer Catalog is a music library organization tool. It can create advanced metadata to help composers get the most out of their library. They can also tag any audio files on their system, to the tracks that they are adding into Composer Catalog.

Usually, normal metadata is tagged to an audio track. Fields such as: track title, author, genre, etc. With Composer Catalog, composers can tag writers, publishers, session musicians, lyrics, alternate track titles, band sound-alikes, TV shows that would fit the feel, even link audio files that are on the system, to tracks that you are entering.

With the advanced search capabilities of Composer Catalog, composers can find any tracks that fit any combination of metadata filters that are set. The user can listen to the resulting matches, instantly locate them on your system, or even export the list to PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

If a composer already has a large library, Composer Catalog can handle bulk imports via Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. There is also an option to point to a directory that has audio files, and it will import them.

Rounding out the features in Composer Catalog are: reports, track summary breakdowns, charts/graphics, and custom reminders.