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Frequently Asked Questions


I never received my email with license key?

Please check all of your spam/junk filters. Sometimes emails with license type information get put in there. If you still do not see it, contact support.

Can I run multiple versions on my machine?

No. Composer Catalog is made for one user on one computer.

Can I run Composer Catalog on multiple machines?

No. Composer Catalog can only be run on one machine.

I need to move Composer Catalog to a new computer

The license for Composer Catalog can be used on one computer at a time. If you need to move the program to a different computer (or doing something like formatting your C:\ drive), you will need to:

2) Click on the Save License button and put the file in a safe location
3) Then click Uninstall License
4) Now you can reinstall Composer Catalog on a new machine or your current machine (if you did something like formatted your C:\ drive) and load your license by clicking the Load License button

Why is it asking me to install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0?

Composer Catalog uses a Microsoft SQL Compact database to store all the information. It is perfectly normal to see this.

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